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Milton the Alaskan Husky

Milton the Alaskan Husky

I wanted to introduce myself to the world. I am one years old but in human years that can make quite a lot of years (some people say 12-15 years, but then who is counting). Sometimes I lose count. I wanted to tell everyone about myself. As you can see, I am an Alaskan husky. I usually like the cold weather and was also born in October, but in Alaska its always cold. I can usually stay warm with my fur  and beanie. My Beanie hat is the best and is my most favorite hat ever. I never leave home without it.
I'd like to think about myself as being kind, adventurous, fun, have a good heart (people tell me a lot about it). I enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. I like imagination and sometimes that can take me to places outside of this world.
On my most recent adventures I had  was  a fishing trip. I like fishing because while you wait for the fish you can do your imagination thing. This fishing trip was particularly amazing because I went down the river and had lotta fun on the boat ride. There was a time when I might've taken a nap. During this nap I dreamt about going to Outer space. There was a space shuttle that took me into space. I was able to see other planets and I got out of the ship and actually did my first space walk.  That was so real. Sometimes I forget whether this was imagination or did I actually go to space. Here are some pictures from my last space trip and fishing.
Name: Milton
Age: 1 years(that is ~ 15 years in human years).
From: Alaska
Likes: Outdoor adventures, shopping, immaginative play, hanging out with my friends.
Best Friends: Maya and Eddy