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Eddy the gorilla

Eddy the gorilla

Hi my name is Eddy. I was born in a tropical forest or that's what I'm told. But I grew up in the city where I imagine the city being just like the tropical forest. These buildings that people made are just like big trees. Sometimes you can see other animals (people) hanging out on the outside of these big trees trying to wash them (window washers). When I see other kids my age playing out in a park jumping from one obstacle to another it completely reminds me that this is truly a tropical forest.
I am adventurous, I'd like to have fun with my friends, I like my skateboard. Oh and I went to the beach and I tried surfing and that was lot of fun too. I like all kinds of sports. Next time I will just also introduce you to my friend Maya, who is also from the tropical jungle.
I have a lot of fun on my skateboard. This is one of my most favorite things. My favorite part is to go to the skate rink and do a half pipe. I've been trying to learn different tricks on my skateboard. The other day I was able to jump 4 feet up into the air from the edge. My heart raced like it has not raced in like forever. I was so excited!  I'm glad somebody took a picture. I'm going to share this picture with you guys below. I can't wait to share other adventures with you guys!
Name: Eddy
Age: 4 years (that is ~ 12 years in human years).
From: The tropical forest
Likes: Skateboard, surfing, sports all kinds
Best Friends: Milton and Maya